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My name is Zahim RAI, CEO of H24 CARE, we offer a solution to avoid emergencies, it's an online care alternative for patients. I was warmly recommended the services of Breakpoint Technology for their technical efficiency and their very human relationship!
Breakpoint Technology does not work for you but with you.
We worked together and within two months the platform was online. Their philosophy of the agile method is based on absolute transparency: introduction of slack and jira to communicate, two weekly meetings and a very clear documentation provided during and after the end of the project. Technically impeccable, the computer languages used are the latest and the team is very reactive to correct bugs, so I highly recommend using this service.
I also recommend them for the human aspect. I thank them for their honesty, top notch customer relations, respect for the specifications and respect for deadlines to deliver a flawless rendering on time.

Zahime Rai, 11 Jan. 2021